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Bar Restaurant

Bar Restaurant “FELIN” is a very nice place located in the suburb of the city of Elbasan. It is the best place where you can spend the most beautiful moments with your family ...more»

Bar Restaurant "FRANKO"

Bar-Pizzeria “FRANKO” has started its activity by the beginning of 1999, firstly with a very small environment. With the passing of time, it continued to increase the number of people ...more»

Hotel Bar Restaurant "KRIVA"

“KRIVA” Complex which is located in the suburb of the city of Elbasan, offers wonderful environments with colorful flowers and relaxing spaces ...more»

Bar Restaurant "SAN MARCO"

"San Marko" is one of the most popular Bar Restaurants in the city. It has indoor and outdoor environments where you can spend time with your family. ...more»

Hotel Bar Restaurant "SKAMPINI"

In the centre of the city of Elbasan, it is located the antique “Skampis Castle”, which represents a Castrum Statum, centre of roman legion. ...more»

Hotel Bar Restaurant

“Univers” hotel offers very comfortable and relaxing environments with lots of green areas and amusing spaces for your children. ...more»

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