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 The Elbasan Enterprises Network

The Elbasan Enterprises Network is a new initiative Tjeter Vizion is implementing in the framework of the project “Local Development in Elbasan: supporting social services for the integration of vulnerable women and youth in the social life and job market” co-financed by European Union

The network aims at put together the most important enterprises of Elbasan territory, in order to create a series of alliances and collaborations to develop new opportunities of training on the job and new possibilities to find a job for vulnerable women and youth. In fact we strongly guess that the private sector can play an important and strategic role in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, together with local institutions and civil society.

Consequently together with a few local enterprises Tjeter Vizion is already organizing training course for youth and women in needs in different fields such as car mechanics, welding, electric appliance, cooking, tailoring, beauty care etc. There are about fifteen enterprises that have already joined the Network and are involved in its activities!

So at the moment the main objective we would like to reach is to extend the initiative as much as possible. Through the creation of this dedicated web page we want to build an instrument to give more visibility to those enterprises involved in the implementation of social programs for vulnerable women and youth.

This is obviously an “open space”! So we’ll be glad to host everyone who desire to collaborate with us in building new strategies to make our society nearest to people in needs, with a particularly view to vulnerable women and youth.

For further information about our Network please contact Tjeter Vizion’s main office in Elbasan.

Tel: +355 (0) 54 529 19
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